Sunday, September 24, 2006

Zombie Walk

Pittsburgh's first Zombie Walk went off without a hitch and was attended by hundreds of enthusiastic, undead participants. Gawkers lined the street and cars stopped to watch the zombie parade. Diners in upscale restaurants along Carson Street were surprised, horrified and/or entertained by overzealous zombies pressing their gory faces to the windows. (I'm really glad I didn't have to clean those windows the next day.) Luckily, the rain held off and the night was reasonably warm. We made our way to The Rex Theater where The It's Alive Show taped their Halloween episode. Everyone agreed that the night was a huge success and we all hope to do it again soon!

The Forbidden Five

Professor Emcee Square of The It's Alive Show takes the stage:

Pointy presents the Professor with his favorite instrument of torture...
The rubber chicken:

The Professor threatens to beat Fritz with the rubber chicken:



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